Classic women swimwear with complete back and shoulder coverage like a rash guard but with sexy yet modest bathing suit designs

Confidence. Elegance. Comfort. A Brand made for women who dare to standout with confidence and comfort.

Hi there,

Thank you for visiting Kenna Swims.  A brand born out of my love for fashion and all things classy but also out of my personal frustration with the lack of decent swimwear for women that provided coverage options especially to the back and shoulder area.  Here you will find cute, sexy and modest swimwear designs that provide the coverage and protection of a rash guard without taking away the feeling of being in a sexy and feminine bathing suit.

I am a firm believer that your clothes don't make you beautiful or sexy, it is how you feel in them that makes you beautiful and sexy.  Kenna Swims designs have just the right coverage coupled with sexy yet modest looks for a level of confidence and comfort that makes you realize that you have been beautiful and sexy all along.

No more tugging and pulling at your swimsuit because you wore something that society considers sexy but you feel miserable in, our designs will provide just the right coverage so that you are comfortable enough to show off your true sexy self.

 I can't wait to share with you our soon to be unveiled women rash guard and swimwear hybrid designs with fun and classic prints including plaid, argyle, checker and so much more, which makes our designs unique and one of a kind.  

Kenna Swims raised over $15,000 in just over a month on kickstarter, super excited about that!  I am working hard creating new designs with fun, cute patterns and prints.  In the mean time, If you like to order our first designs offered during our kickstarter campaign, start shopping, we are ready to ship!

Thank you!


Founder of Kenna Swims!